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Tel: +32 (0) 488 393 878

Rue Van Maerlant 11, 1040 Brussels

Open 9am to 9pm on weekdays
Open 9am to 7pm on weekends

Book a session

Tel: +32 (0) 488 393 878

Rue Van Maerlant 11, 1040 Brussels

Open 9am to 9pm on weekdays
Open 9am to 7pm on weekends

massage therapy brussels – online lessons

I am very excited about my idea of teaching my skills online. Helping people is my natural instinct. Every time my patients express their gratitude, I could not be happier. Why do I want to provide online lessons right now?

I have been practising my skills when providing more than 250 000 hours of treatment. I have tried different kinds of techniques: kinesitherapy, osteopathy, Chinese acupressure and reflexology, different energy therapies from various countries… I myself have been on an intensive spiritual care path for more than three years. Thanks to all the knowledge and experience I have established my own treatment technique.

Passing on my skills has been one of my dreams since I have become an independent. My instincts are telling me that this is the right moment. If you are new to this or not, I can adapt my individual lessons.

Under the given circumstances families are isolated, they have less contact with other people not expose and be exposed to the health risk. This is how you protect your family. You may wonder: “What is it going to be like when the self-isolation is over?” People say there will be more babies and more divorces. Why would many more people get divorced after being locked down together for so long? It is simple: we experience strange times. We see almost no cars or people on the streets, we fear whether we contract the virus or not. Kids stay at home every day, crying, screaming… it is most probably getting on your nerves. Couples might get crossed with each other.

All this information becomes part of your brain memory. Your clever body receives it and this is why you have tensions in your body. When your body get an information overload, it turns it into negative thoughts. Everything can happen when you are in a bad mood. Of course, nobody wants that but many people do not recognize that. Some do but they do not know how to deal with it. How can you avoid this? I offer you to book one online lesson with me, together with at least two or more people.

Once you starts lessons with me you will be able:

- to create harmonious atmosphere with your partner and others

- to learn how to read your partner’s body to create a deeper bond

- to develop your hands skill

- to learn how to calm down your children

- to re-employ these skills once you learn them

- to boost your immunity systems thanks to this insight.


How much does it cost?

---50 euros for 30 minutes

---100 euros for 60 minutes

Before 1st April, book your any appointment online courses you will get bonnets -30% off price, plus first time appointment I offer 15 minutes free. 45 minutes for 35 euros for first time online lesson. If it doesn't work for you, I will refine your money.

Lessons lunguages: English, French, Chinese 

Flexible schedule 7 day/week only by appointment between 8:00 – 22:00

Regular treatment is advisable for health prevention. Every lesson you learn different technique. If you buy 10 sessions, you get one lessons for free in my practice once the containment situation is over.

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massage therapy brussels

Established by Lin Bingmei in 2014, Massage Therapy Brussels is an independent, exacting, and unique
massage therapy practice located in the heart of the EU quarter near Schuman in Brussels. Lin provides patients
with the highest quality therapeutic massage and reflexology services based on traditional Chinese and modern
medical techniques.

Professional, properly qualified massage therapy and reflexology is one on the most effective ways to deal with the pains and stresses of
modern life. Massage Therapy Brussels is the European Quarter’s leading independent practices for the alleviation of back pains, sprains,
pinched nerves, cramps and muscle fatigue.

Our massage treatments successfully remedy most lower back aches, neck pains, shoulder aches, and pains in the arms and legs. Beyond
the reconditioning the body to face the physical tributes of an active lifestyle and/or office work, our therapeutic massages also aim to help
durably reduce stress. Our services are also a fantastic for people looking for a good pampering.

Did you enjoy a massage with us? Leave us a review on Google.


Therapeutic Full Body Massage

Treat yourself to our signature stress-soothing, comfort, flexibility and movement-restoring therapeutic massage. This massage combines precise digit, palm, and forearm techniques to reduce skeletomuscular tensions, toxin and lactic acid flushing, and improve circulation.

Foot Reflexology

The application of pressure to specific reflex points on your feet activate the nervous system clearing away knots and tensions in corresponding areas throughout your body. Reflexology is also effective for stress reduction and circulation improvement.

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